Clear Aligners

Have you been wondering what it would feel like to have a perfect smile? Would you feel self-conscious with a mouth full of metal braces? How would you feel about an invisible tooth straightening solution that helps you quickly straighten your teeth?

Unlike bulky and painful metal braces, clear aligner uses a series of nearly invisible aligners to gently reposition misaligned teeth.

You’ll work with our orthodontist to create a model of your mouth and visualize your smile transformation. We use 3D imaging technology to produce a high-def image of your mouth in just seconds. Then we’ll make your custom Clear aligners and as you wear them, your teeth will shift into their proper position.

Can make you self-conscious?

No. Only you’ll know you’re wearing Invisalign braces.

Removable when eating? 

Yes. Easy to take out before meals.

Easy to keep your teeth clean?

Yes. Just pop them out before brushing and flossing.

Requires frequent adjustments?

 No. Just switch your next aligner as instructed by the orthodontist